​​Dryden-Edwards Psychiatric Services

Patient Information and Office Policies


Appointments are booked on a first come, first serve basis.  All minor patients must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.   Although we make reminder calls about scheduled appointments, we do not guarantee this service and it is the patient’s responsibility to remember their scheduled appointments.  If you need a special time for your appointments you may need to book weeks in advance.  We reserve the right to charge for any appointment not canceled 48 hours in advance. Late cancellations and missed appointments are billed as full fee and are not covered by insurance.  Practitioners have limited ability to make adjustments to this policy.  A voice mail system is available to leave messages outside of regular business hours. For appointments canceled at least 24 hours in advance we assign cancellations numbers, please record your cancellation number to avoid charges.  All of our physicians try to see patients at their appointed time, however, please be aware that emergencies  may need some extra time and the physicians run late on occasion.  If you are required to wait more than 60 minutes to see the doctor you may reschedule your appointment without incurring any charge.  If you leave prior to the 60 minute time limit you may incur a charge for a missed appointment. 

ClinicianInitial Evaluation45 Minutes30 MinutesMedication Management
Social Worker$160$145N/AN/A
Clinical Specialist$160$145N/AN/A

​Fees for medical reports, medical forms, medication authorizations, extensive phone calls, family consultations, consultations with other physicians and therapists are billed based on time spent.  Please allow three business days for paperwork, forms, and letters of correspondence to be completed.  We also charge for copying of medical records.   These fees are not reimbursed by insurance companies.  

    We require your services be paid at the time of treatment, or that acceptable payment arrangements are made.  We may accept assignment of insurance benefits, however we do require you to pay your deductible and copay (portion not covered by insurance) at each visit. We require that you present all of your insurance information as well as a copy of your insurance card and furnish a proper referral if it is required by your insurance company.  The patient will be held responsible for the total bill incurred if inaccurate or invalid insurance information is provided. Please remember, your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company.   Our office does not guarantee the accuracy of your copayments or of the amount your insurance company will pay.   You remain responsible if your insurance company does not pay or if they pay incorrectly.  Please also be aware that some services may not be covered under your plan or may not be covered up to the amount charged.  These charges will be due immediately upon notification. Account balances must be paid within 30 days. Account discrepancies must be settled within 60 days.  Interest will be charged at the rate of 1.5% (18% annually) for any balance more than 30 days old.  There will be a charge of $25 for any returned checks. 

Approved Insurance Providers:

  • Medicare
  • Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
  • Carefirst Blue Choice (Magellan)
  • Cigna Behavioral Health
  • United Health Care (Without Coverage of Medical Assistance Policies)
  • Conifer Health Solutions (Adventist Health Care)


We retain medical records for 12 months after a lapse in treatment.  After 12 months, medical records are archived off premises.  There is a charge of $25 to have your medical record retrieved from archives.

Prescription Refills:

Prescriptions are provided at the time of your appointment.  If a refill is required for a non-controlled drug, please have your pharmacy fax a refill request to 301/948-4333.  Please be aware that refill requests can take up to 48 hours to process.  Medications which require written prescriptions need to be handled at the time of your appointments.  Any refills requested over weekends or holidays will be processed on the next business day.   If you require mail order prescriptions please request them from your physician at the time of your appointment. You will be required to send in the written prescriptions to your mail order pharmacy.  We do not fax or phone in mail order prescriptions.  Prescription refills are not considered emergencies.​  Prescription refills are not considered emergencies.

Legal Reports and Services:

Legal Reports and Services:Any reports, documents and consultation for legal reasons will be billed at the rate of $300 per hour and are payable by the patient at the time of service. These charges cannot be reimbursed by insurance. Court appearances, testimony, response to subpoena will be charged at the rate of $1000 per day and is payable by the patient at least three days in advance of such services to be provided.


Psychiatric emergencies include patients who are acutely ill, having severe medication side effects, suicidal or whom may harm others.  Our answering service phone number is 301/446-2543.  If the physician cannot be reached please proceed to your nearest emergency room.

Inclement Weather:

IIn cases of severe weather, if it is necessary to close the office, we do try to contact clients and give notice.  Please call the office to check about your appointment before driving out to the office.